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Pretty good

I enjoyed the quiz, but this is the same one as one on a website literally called 'the superhero quiz'. The app itself was pretty well put together, but there are a few improvements which can be made. The first is that there could be a visual at the end after you take the quiz (something like a picture of Spider-Man for Spider-Man). The second thing is that I'd like to see more quizzes similar to this on the same app. A super villain quiz would be much appreciated since the superhero quiz site already has a super villain quiz available on the site. These minor changes could really help bring this app to new heights.

Pretty Legit

I liked it, it turns out I'm Spider-Man.



Good 👌 but a suggestion!

It's a fun quiz to find out which superhero you're most like. But it would really be cool if there was a visual at the end rather than just a title (i.e. "The Hulk"). If it kept track of your answers when it asks if you have long hair, and your results might show you in a superman suit with long hair or something. Just my suggestion. But it's fun and I suggest you get it 👌👌

Sterotype, inopropriet

On one question it made me so made that they said do you get in a lot of physical fights with girls!!!! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!! This deserves 0 stares( and beleve me i tried.)


Awesome App!! I Am Batman!! Although I didn't put yes on a bad childhood. There are some cool superheroes like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Robin, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America? Yep I got Him, Catwoman, Supergirl, Spider-Man, and EVEN MORE! The questions are really funny but are true!! Get THIS QUIZZ!!!!!!!!




Messed up. focuses on DC comics heroes


This app is so great I took it and I got my favorite superhero, robin. My brother took it and got superman. Superman isn't his favorite, but it's true. Get this app as soon as possible.


Is it possible to get moonknight?

No marvel

It would be a lot better if it had marvel superheroes too, instead of just DC. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

I so wrong

It keeps saying hulk I'm not close to hulk I'm obviously close to batman I'm not strong like hulk, I'm acrobatic athletic and all of those things and a bad childhood

To long

The quiz is to long


I always batman yes

Great game

Super cool game defiantly get it!! And you might just get your fav superhero

I like it! But...

Some of the questions are dumb. But I like it. I'm the Flash.


RobinI'm Robin

Green lantern & hulk

I got green lantern and then the hulk


Very gods I took time and I got spider man and he's my favorite super hero

cool but....

very cool but some questions are not for kids :) i always got robin and wonder woman


Some things aren't right for younger kids!


Creepy questions do u wear thongs do u wear a push up bra are u a drinker do u like bad boys hello this is for boys and girls

I liked it.

I took the quiz a few times. I think the questions are definitely geared for a Superman answer of you say you are morally good and didn't have a hard childhood. I got Superman each time. I answered truthfully for the first too, and exaggerated the last two tries. Still got the same since I still answered with what would be deemed "good". Still a fun app. Other people got different answers. Good app for free, but not an app you keep. It's more of a "use once then destroy" type app. Unless you are shooting for a different character every time.

Great app

Awesome I got robin!!!!!


I got chosen for spiderman he is my favorite hero


I love this app I like everything about superman and I know a lot about him and it always says that I am superman so it's a great app...........


I'm a happy camper I am officially catwoman according to this quiz. :)


Every time I get superman! I tried another quiz which said I was iron man spiderman and batman ( this is more accurate )


I'm the flash!


I downloaded it and it's not on my screen, and it will not let me download it again because it says I have it. Based on all of the other reviews, it sounds horrendous.

This isn't very good

It is just not at all is batman a little is robin and yes is super man I don't know how to get spiderman

Good game

This game is pretty good. I got my favorite (Robin). But too much superman.


This app is amazing I got my favorite spiderman


I'm a girl. Really??....SUPERMAN?!?


So STUPID!!I wish I could rate this 0 stars!

Good App

Im Batman!!

I love this app

I got literally 10 different superheroes... Superman, super girl, robin, spiderman, cat woman, iron man ( who isn't even a super hero he is a fictional character ), hulk, batman, flash, and wonder woman... I answered yes to wearing a thong, and a push-up bra and it gave me batman and superman! I wonder why they were them...

By Michael Jackson fan

I love this app it's cool and stuff but it asked me a girl question I'm a BOY not a GIRL  good super hero quiz


I got catwoman. She's my favorite cuz of her powers not her gay cat catchphrases.

Can't even find the stupid thing on my phone

It says that its installed but it's not on the screen at all!!! Dumb thing


I found this really fun! I got batman, one of my friends got robin, and my other friend got superman. Best app ever!!!


It's ok but it probably only has like 5 heroes it's ok though (I was robin)


Ppl need to chill. It's alot of fun

Best super hero app Ever!

It told me I was Spider-Man and that is very true to my personality.


It said I was super girl and I'm a boy!

Can't see it!

I downloaded it and I can't see it or play it! Please fix it! :(


Downloaded it and i can't even see it. Its a total freakin' rip off!!!! DO NOT BY!!!!! :(

What Batman??!!?!

Ok so all I have been getting Batman! What the Heck what about superman or green hornet or someone else. Is there anyway to be a sidekick? Just wondering.


Fake as hell i put not at all on all of them and it said i was batman

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